Web Wizards is a digital dream team that’s more than just a collection of job titles.
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Look no further than our tight-knit crew of coding and digital marketing connoisseurs! Not only do we have the technical chops to create killer digital experiences, but we also have a secret weapon: our team dynamic. We’re the type of team that finishes each other’s sentences, code snippets, celebrates each other’s victories, and supports each other through those frustrating bugs that leave even the most seasoned developers scratching their heads. So if you’re ready to join a group of folks that gel together, look no further than our development squad and a place to call home. We’re waiting for you with open IDEs!

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Phone: 204 989-5664

Meet Our Team

We’re the kind of crew keen to brainstorm brilliant solutions together over pizza and a beer and celebrate each success. Sure, we have the technical skills to build sleek, seamless websites and software, but our bond sets us apart. We’re not just coworkers; we’re a family of tech wizards who enjoy working together. So whether you’re looking to build a complex app or a simple website, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be working with a crew that genuinely cares for the product and each other. So say goodbye to the lonely world of digital development, and say hello to Our Team.

Brent Warkentin


Candace Rudy

VP of Operations

Chad Beauchamp MA,Dm (hons.)


Cindy Leszczynski

Senior Designer

Connie Ewald

Office Manager

Darrell Harris

Sales Manager

Darryl Van Herksen

Digital Account Manager

Decio Hatae


Emerson Casco

Front End Developer

Gordon Blahut


Jian Chai


Jorel Minuk

Digital Marketing Manager

Kelsey Baker

Project Coordinator

Kyle Steele


Mark Kruk

Front End Developer

Susan Cook

Manager, Digital Delivery

Tim Walker

IT Administrator

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